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A coach who has raised many successful athletes

A true coach plays a huge role in the life of a sports-loving child. Akaki
Tsenteradze is the holder of the black belt (fifth knife) in Taekwondo, the
head coach of Adjara and Georgia for many years, Vice-President of
Adjara Taekwondo Federation, who raised dozens of young athletes,
winner and prize-winner of the most prestigious international competitions.

His head coach was Avtandil Mikadze, who was and remains an idol and
role model for an athlete. The coach introduces the child to the world of
sports. He puts into it the knowledge and skills he has accumulated over
the years, through tireless, thousands of training hours.

It is him who determines the capabilities of the little athlete and then the
already professional path. A child coach is a person who becomes another
"important adult" for the child.
Of course, such a mentor will always be remembered for a lifetime. The
coach not only teaches the child sports, but also helps him how not to
throw the shield-sword (give-up), make the right conclusions, analyze and
think, do not give up, always move forward to new achievements and

 He instills in the boys the qualities of a real man: courage, generosity,
honesty, self-confidence.

A coach is a person who is sincerely, wholeheartedly interested in the life
of a student. Such a coach, for whom the success of students is more
important than own achievements, is Akaki Centradze, who continues the
work of his first teacher with dignity.

 Honored Coach of Georgia, Akaki Tsenteradze was born in Batumi in
1980. In parallel with his successful sports career and the time-consuming
work of a coach, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Law of
Batumi State University. The pursuit of knowledge, the constant
improvement of his educational level and professional qualifications are the
cornerstone of his coaching philosophy, and it is also the "legacy" of his first

 As a matter of fact, his students are most successful in prestigious
competitions that is the result of the work of a well-educated coach who has
developed a scientific teaching program for young athletes unlike to those
coaches who just show to children different positions and sparring

 Like many Georgian boys, Akaki has been interested in wrestling since his
childhood. His choose Taekwondo – a Korean martial art characterized by
the active use of the feet in combat, both for strikes and defense.

 The word taekwondo consists of three words: [tkhe] compaction + [kwon] fist + [do] way, method, teaching, dao ”. According to Choi Hong-hee,
founder of the International Taekwondo Federation, "Taekwondo means a
system of spiritual training and defense techniques, without weapons, with
experienced fists, blocks and jumps, with bare hands and feet to defeat one
or more opponents."
Perhaps it was this spiritual, partly philosophical component of Korean
martial arts that attracted Akaki. Or perhaps the fact that the World
Taekwondo Federation is the most successful, which unites 210 national
associations, 206 of which are recognized by the International Olympic

In terms of international legitimacy, he has managed to get involved in the
program of the Wrestling Summer Olympics. One way or another, Akaki
remained loyal to Taekwondo throughout his life. His coaching career began
at a very young age – in 2002.

Akaki and his brother opened the "Batumi Adjara Federation" and the
Knockdown Club in 2008. The enthusiasm of the young mentors "infected"
the boys, who progressed rapidly from year–to-year.

The first, really large success was recorded in 2009, when Akaki’s student
Guram Kutubidze took the 3rd place at the European Championship among
cadets. This was the first medal in Taekwondo in the history of Georgia.
Further, twice under his leadership, they won bronze medals at the
European Championships (among cadets and juniors, respectively): both
times, in 2015 and 2017, Zurab Kintsurashvili became the winner.

Zurab was his most talented and titled student: in addition to his success at
the European Championships, he obtained a license to participate in the
Tunisian World Cup qualifiers, where he finished third.

Then He competed in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.
Won a silver medal at the 2015 Pan American Open Youth Games, a 2016
gold medal at the Cadet Open, and a 2019 U.S. Open Championship
among the youth. In addition, the teams of Adjara school students, under
his leadership, have repeatedly won Georgian championships among

The success of the young coach of Batumi did not go unnoticed: in 2015,
2017, 2018 and 2019 he was recognized as the "Best Coach of the Year"
in Adjara. In 2013 and 2014 – became the "Best Coach of the Year" of the

Georgian Taekwondo Federation (during these years he coached the
Georgian junior team).

 In 2019, he became the first coach in Georgia to be awarded the high title
of "Honored Coach of Georgia". In 2015, he was honored to be a
torchbearer at the opening of the European Youth Olympic Festival, which
was held in Georgia.

Few coaches in the world can boast of such success, but Akaki never
stopped and always tried to conquer unprecedented peaks. This is how
Avtandil Mikadze taught him.\

Akaki is absolutely convinced that he can bring up world and Olympic
champions, but that requires better funding and better conditions for the
training process.

Indeed, today not only coaches, but also a whole team of specialists work
with international athletes: nutritionists, masseurs, analysts, agents.

You also need regular sparring partners of the appropriate level. Small and
poor Georgia could not provide all this. Akaki decided to move to the United
States, where he hopes to re-establish himself as a coach for the American
boys and then to gain the opportunity to work with highly qualified athletes.

America is known for its hospitality and generosity, but it favors energetic,
persistent, hardworking people. Akaki has all these qualities, so he hopes
for success. The rest depends only on him. We wish the talented coach to
show his best qualities in the new environment and achieve all his goals!


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