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Stop the Killing of Freedom of Expression in Georgia

The re-introduction of the draft law of ‘transparency of foreign
influence’ by the Georgian Parliament, is a barbaric attack on democracy
and the freedom of expression, which represent the aspirations most of
the Georgian people after freeing themselves from the communist yoke of
the Soviet Union.

The vast majority of the Georgians aspire to build their future based on
democratic principles and freedoms, which constitute the great heritage
of the West. Unfortunately, we know that the Georgian people have not
yet been able to achieve complete independence from Russian tyranny
because their territories, like Samachablo and Abkhazia, are still
occupied by Russia. For years, negotiations for Georgia’s accession to
the European Union have been ongoing, and for Russian President Putin,
this cannot be accepted.

All democratic forces must use all legitimate means to block this
attempt by the Kremlin to keep the Georgian people on a leash by
imposing enormously liberty-killing behaviors that suffocate human
dignity and the legitimate aspirations of people to a life of peace and

The ‘European Journalists Association’ (EJ) stands close to all Georgian
journalists in this challenging moment and shares the anxieties and
concerns of all Georgians who want to live in democracy, freedom, and
dignity, the great gift of life. I invite all EJ members to work
together to support the cause of freedom and democracy for the Georgian

Paolo Magagnotti

EJ President

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