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Czech Statehood Day

Since 2000, the Czech Republic has celebrated September 28 as Czech Statehood Day. In honour of Czech Statehood Day a festive event took place at the Embassy of Czechia.

In his speech, Ambassador Mr. Petr Mikyska outline Czechia’s efforts to achieve independence and highlighted the ties between Czechia and Georgia and the matters that unite both countries:

“Thank you all for accepting our invitation to join us for celebration of in fact three national days of Czechia – the Day of the Statehood, linked to the tragic death of the Patron Saint of Bohemia, Saint Wenceslas, in 935. The Day of Foundation of Independent Czechoslovakia in 1918, that we commemorate as the restoration of our statehood after 300 years of oppression and celebrate the democratic Czechoslovakia between two world wars. And the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in 1989, that meant the end of communism and brought back to our country democracy, rule of law, economic prosperity and return to the European democratic countries family”.

”Why do we celebrate these anniversaries today if they happened in different months of September, October and November? The beautiful Tbilisi weather that we enjoy these September days can be the answer, but in fact we couldn´t wait for the opportunity to meet all of you, our friends and partners, as soon as possible after the end of pandemic.

We were missing this opportunity in last two years. The friendships and partnerships were never lost, but our cooperation was suffering due to the lack of human contacts and limitations in mobility. Political contacts were limited to on line meetings, our bilateral trade suffered severe decline in 2020, tourism fell to almost zero. Our development cooperation had to be reoriented substantially to the healthcare.

But already in 2021 our bilateral trade came to another record level and political contacts were restored namely in parliamentary field and diplomatic consultations, which was the case, for example, of the talks of our dear friend, Deputy Foreign Minister Janjalia, with his Czech counterpart Deputy Minister Chmelař.

Fortunately, this year we could return to usual dynamics, strengthened even more with Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in this semester.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia visited Czechia already twice this year, our Foreign Minister is expected in Tbilisi later this year. Speaker of the Senate of Czech Parliament visited Georgia with big business delegation in May. Minister of Justice of Georgia visited Prague in July, our Minister of Justice is expected in Tbilisi in October. Georgian Prime Minister, Ministers of Economy, Agriculture, Internal Affairs to name a few and other dignataries on different levels will visit Prague before the end of this year.

These visits and continuous contacts confirm on one side excellent state of our bilateral relations, and on the other side the fast European integration of Georgia, as members of the Government of Georgia – and members of the Parliament as well – are invited to specialized informal meetings of European Union Member States and have the opportunity to exchange views on Georgia´s European integration and the pace of reforms”.


The Ambassador said that he is very happy that this year we experience an unprecedented growth of our bilateral trade, with Czech exports in first seven months growing almost to the level of the whole last year – which already marked the historical record.

“We continue being one of the leading foreign investors in Georgia, especially in the energy sector, real estate and tourism. We are important player in development cooperation, being Georgia one of six priority countries of our cooperation in healthcare, social care, development of rural areas, education and support to civil society and independent media. We hope that our support will enhance Georgia´s production and export capacities and will be reflected in more Georgian goods on Czech and other European markets. Diversification of Georgian exports and resilience of its economy is an imperative, as well as limiting the dependence on markets of non-democratic states where economic relations can be used as a tool for political influence and extortion”, underlined the Ambassador.

Petr Mikyska congratulated the Czechies present at the reception on Statehood Day: compatriots, living in Georgia and supporting Georgia in International organizations, businesses, EUMM mission, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, students, teachers, and volunteers.

Ambassador thanked go to partners in the organization of this reception: Iveria Group as the importer and distributor of Škoda cars that you have the opportunity to admire in the parking lot of the Embassy, as a general partner. Energo-Pro, that no citizen of Georgia living outside of Tbilisi can avoid as the distributor of the electric power. Importers of Pilsner Urquell beer, one of national prides, and Bernard, another tasty Czech beer. Efes group, producing the Staropramen beer in Natakhtari and bringing you the opportunity to use the Prague swing. AndApeni beers from Kakheti, using exclusively Czech technologies, hops and malt for their wonderful beer.

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