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“Gem-fest “kicks off on July 14 in Anaklia

On July 14 the longest Electronic music festival “Gem-fest “will kick off in Anaklia   (Anaklia (Georgian: ანაკლია) is a town and seaside resort in western Georgia. It is located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, at the place where the Enguri River flows into the Black Sea, near the administrative border with Abkhazia.seaside resort in western Georgia).

According to the organizers the festival includes and unites about 3000 various kinds of events as part of it.

Tourists will be able together with the electronic music to enjoy by the entertaining shows and sport contests.

Referring to the organizers there will be 500 scenes located at the festival where the world famous artists will be playing.

First time the Festival „Gem-fest “was held on 2015. Last year the event had about 35 000 (Thirty- five thousand) visitors and the year the organizers are expecting of doubling the number of the visitors.

Anaklia   Ganmukhuri seaside resort in western Georgia will be hosting the festival during one month, ending on August 14 of 2017y.


Media portal ruska.qoqomobile.ge will be offering to its readers all the exclusive materials of   “Gem-fest “2017 y. (including photo, video and written) from the ground.

Special Reporter of  Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region

Jemal Gambashidze


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