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Georgian citizen appeals to the Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem !

PhD., DR. “Bidzina Savaneli recognized as an authority of the Philosophy of Law and founder of International Human Rights Education in Georgia makes an

official statement and appeals to the Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem. Media portal ” Geo Digest ” reminds to its readers that Theophilos III of

Jerusalem met The Abkhazian Orthodox Church representatives at this Easter holiday days and called and blessed Abkhazia ( breakaway territory of Georgia )as

an independent country. On 28 August 2008, the Parliament of Georgia declared Abkhazia a Russian-occupied territory, a stance recognized by the vast majority

of the international community. The meeting between the two parties: Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and Abkhazian Orthodox Church representatives

were organized with the moderate of Russian Church. It has been the second such meeting with them still by the Russian side moderation.

The statement of DR. “Bidzina Savaneli consists in the following ideas :

” Putin, North Corea and ISIS are brothers! Putin is the most dangerous man in the world, who began to restore the Empire of evil, because “the former does not happen” (KGB).
• ”Drunkenness, illiteracy, stupidity and squalor of the Russian peasant, far behind Europe two hundred years, and still not quite confident fastening his trousers, once again shows that to be friends with him impossible, as he discusses friendship as a weakness.” A. P. CHEKHOV.

• A. Tolstoy wrote: “There are two Russias. The first Kyiv has its roots in the world, but at least in European culture. Ideas of good, honor, freedom, justice, understood the Rus as they knew it, the entire Western world. And there is the other Russia – Moscow. It is Russia of the Siberian Taiga, Mongolian, wild animal. This made Russia to its national ideal of bloody despotism and savage ferocity. This Moscow Russia from ancient times was, is and will be a complete rejection of everything European and a fierce enemy of Europe”.

• F. M. Dostoevsky “Something about the Russian Lies”. “Why do we all lie, every single one? This is because we can lie to even completely honest people. I am convinced that in other Nations, in the vast majority, lie only some rascals; lie practical benefits, i.e., directly criminal purposes. …The truth lies before the people for a hundred years on the table and they do not take, and chasing invented, just because its something and think fantastic and utopian. … A Russian woman, less lying, not even a lie, and men almost no nalgesic”. See: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Writer’s Diary, Complete Works, sixth edition, vol. X, par. XV, St. Petersburg, 1906, pp. 285, 287, 288.

Please take also into consideration the recent facts.

A year ago on the orders of Putin was occupied by an integral part of Ukraine – Crimean Peninsula and provoke a military conflict on the whole space East of Ukraine. A few years ago he provoked a military conflict in the North-West and North Georgia and occupied these integral parts of Georgia.

Intelligence agencies of some Western countries many times have confirmed secret communications Putin with the Islamic fundamentalists in the North Caucasus and terrorists of the major countries of the Middle and Near East. Moreover, to meet terminally Imperial ambitions of Russia, he, as a loyal servant of the KGB, will not abandon the attempt on the Holy principles of Christianity.

The last illustrative example is the following. January 9, 2017, on the territory of Georgia, Russian military forces blew up a Christian Church of the VIII century and the cemetery of Polish citizens. On the same day in another city, in the Christian Church erased the fresco of the Georgian King and the old Georgian inscription.

On the same day in the third city, an old Georgian Christian Church was repainted and Georgian the dome replaced by Russian dome. Here’s Christian Russia! Putin is such Christian, as I am the Emperor of China. Putin and ISIS are brothers!

Bidzina Savanelli, PhD., DR. “Bidzina Savaneli is recognized as an authority of the Philosophy of Law and founder of International Human Rights Education in

Georgia. He was published the first Manual in the History of Georgia: Universal Human Rights Law.”

prepared by Rusa Gvazava [journalist]

On behalf of PhD., DR. “Bidzina Savaneli’s statement

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