We have to demand answers from those organizations, who work on damaging country’s image!


“ underlines Advocate Grigol Gagnidze, the head of the International Observatory of Lawyers & Barristers, while talking with us.

– Mr. Grigol, the presidential election of the current year is not the one and only, which you’ve been actively observing since the 2012-2013 until now. How would you assess this year’s presidential election? – The presidential election of this year compared to the previous elections, was distinguished with the utilization of latest technologies, that, in fact, excluded the possibility of its falsification.

We saw, that particular NGOs who solely aimed at discreditation, have struck the Central Election Commission, the Ministry of Justice and the law enforcement bodies, as if the government was falsifying the elections. It was indeed a “hurricane in the glass” in favor of “National Movement”. They were doing so in order to let the “Nationals” turn on government after the election with accusations of rigging the election.

Their main purpose was to damage the image of the country on the international arena. However, we witnessed, that the rest of NGOs didn’t not present any facts about where and by whom was the election falicified.

– Have your organization and some other NGOs demanded from them to present such facts? – Yes, we asked them to present the materials to law enforcement bodies. However, they couldn’t manage to present any facts.

Moreover, the reperesentatives of “Young lawyers” and “Transparency Georgia” became confused on air of the Imedi TV as they were sometimes refusing their allegations and at other times confirning about the falicification again.

I would like to point out, that the part of the non-governmental organizations, who receive colossal funding, shoudn’t be using the finances for damiging country’s image. I want to address media companies: “Imedi TV”, “First Channel”, when interviewing the NGOs associated with those, who were called as (National move) by the people, to please asking comments from us, from other organizations, as well, who could provide them with the alternative, more argumentative and justified answers in comparison with them. – Your organization has become the object of their attack as well. What was their dispute with you about? – Some of the NGOs saw a rival in us.

In last days they were disputing with us publicly, inquiring about why we have more than 3 thousand observers while GYLA has only 400. Our organization is not less authoritative in society than that of others. This is due to the qualified work our lawyers perform and they protect human rights actively. That’s why the citizens expressed their trust towards us and we had so many observers. Herewith, I would like to use the opportunity and thank each of them for their work.

– Mr. Grigol, false accusations have become a norm in Georgia; what could be the solution to stop this vicious trend? – The false accusation specialists are the “Nationals” and the NGOs amalgamated with them. They blame someone for some foolishness and never bring arguments to strengthen their accusations. They directly abuse the freedom of speech. I would like to refer to the Parliament by asking them the following: if they will not restore the article about defamation, at least, they may consider introducing the normatives existed in France, where the dissemination of false information is usually punished. The next parliamentary elections are not less important than the one which has already passed. That is why the Parliament should develop preventive measures in order to ensure that no one could throw a mud into other’s face, be it any person or organization, without having the real ground for it.

– Grigol Vashadze does not recognize the defeat. what does this mean? – Despite the efforts of the National Movement to derogate the election, all international organizations announced the election results legitimate. After the first round, the European Parliament members openly condemned the dirty attacks on the female presidential candidate directly from the European Parliament.

The local women’s rights’ advocates have not mentioned a single word about the attacks, which raises suspicion, that these organizations are related to so called (National move) and Saakashvili, and moreover, the (National move) and the NGOs associated with them have never made any assessment of this fact. It turns out, that they share Saakashvili’s cynical statements regarding the European Parliament. Now it’s up to society to decide which NGO is objective and which is not, and who deserves the people’s trust. It’s good, that the government has recognized its mistakes.


That is why it received people’s support in the second round. Now it is important to fulfill the promises and to get rid off “sabotagers”, who, due to their actions or purposeful inactivity, damage the reputation of the state structures, that on its hand causes nihilism in the society and pours water over the destructive political force’s mill, to whom the majority of the Georgian public has repeatedly said no in the last election. Saerto gzeti 5.11.18 #44(502) Gia Burduli


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